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COMSATS Merit Calculator (According to the Merit 2023)

Hello Students, Do you looking for COMSATS Merit Calculator, Then absolutely you’re in the right placeHere you get COMSATS Aggregate Calculator to calculate your COMSATS Aggregate according to the COMSATS Merit List 2023.

COMSATS Merit Calculator

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) uses a merit calculator to determine the eligibility of students for admission to its various programs.

How does COMSATS Merit Calculator work?

It is very easy to use COMSATS Merit Calculator, Simply just enter your matric marks from 1100, or enter FSC marks from 520, then finally enter your NTS Test marks from 100 then your COMSATS Aggregate is calculated.

COMSATS Aggregate Calculator Formula

  • NTS MARKS/100 * 50
  • FSc/1100 or FSC-1 * 40
  • Matric/1050 or 1100 * 10  and sum all of them.
  • Your Aggregate will be counted successfully.

Merit Criteria


Eligibility Criteria for Admission

The following criteria shall be considered in determining eligibility for admission to the program:

FSC/A-Level50% (min)
NTS/NAT Test50% (min)

Comsats NTS Test Pattern

Total No of Questions = 90
Total Marks = 90
Time Allowed = 120 minutes

How to Check COMSATS Merit Manually?

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  1. What factors does the COMSATS Merit Calculator consider?

    The COMSATS Merit Calculator takes into account the marks obtained in matriculation/O-Level/Equivalent examination, intermediate/A-Level/Equivalent examination, and the entry test/NTS score.

  2. Does the COMSATS Merit Calculator take into account the grades obtained in a particular subject?

    Yes, the marks obtained in individual subjects are considered in the merit calculation.

  3. Can I see my merit calculation online?

    Yes, once you have applied to a program at COMSATS, you can usually check your merit calculation on the official website or by contacting the admission office.

  4. What are the passing marks for NTS for COMSATS?

    The passing marks for the National Testing Service (NTS) for admission to COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) vary depending on the program and campus of admission. The minimum passing marks for the NTS test may be set by CIIT or by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and may range from 40% to 60% of the total marks. It is advisable to check the admission criteria and NTS passing marks for the specific program and campus you are interested in to get an accurate idea of the passing marks for the NTS test.

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