Entrepreneur Profile Research | Sir Adamjee Dawood Vs Iqbal Qarshi

This report will assess the contribution of two entrepreneurs to the community, primarily in Pakistan. One of the entrepreneurs chosen for this report is Sir Adamjee Dawood who laid the foundation of the Adamjee group. He was one of the industrialists that contributed to the formation of Pakistan. The other entrepreneur was taken from the more modern times, Mr., Iqbal Qarshi, the founder of Qarshi Laboratories. He was the pioneer in converting traditional herbal medicine practice to modern-day healthcare solutions. This report studies their role as entrepreneurs and their contribution to the country and their respective industries.

Sir Adamjee Dawood Vs Iqbal Qarshi

Sir Adamjee Dawood – Adamjee Group

Sir Adamjee Dawood was a Pakistani businessman and philanthropist. His service to fund newborn Pakistan in 1947 can perhaps be regarded as one of the highlights of his contribution to the country. Laying the foundations of the Muslim Commercial Bank and other industries in Pakistan, the entrepreneur was involved with establishing the foundation of the country.

Contribution to Pakistan

In 1944 Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood was nominated as the first president of the Muslim Chamber of Commerce & Industry based on the level of experience he had with establishing leading businesses that led different industries.

During the partition movement, Quaid-e-Azam paid tribute to Sir Adamjee with these words:

“If we had a dozen men like Sir Adamjee, Pakistan would have been achieved earlier” which clearly shows the level of aptitude, dedication to the country, and skills that this entrepreneur had that contributed to the mammoth task of attaining a separate nation.


While still in his teens, Adamhee Haji Dawood began operating as an independent businessman. He traded rice, matches, and jute in his initial years. Because of his financial acumen and keen business sense, he got early success which led him to set up a match factory in Rangoon in 1922.

In 192, he established a jute mill in Calcutta, India. The monopolistic trade in Jute was controlled by the East India Company. To break this monopolistic trade, Adamjee and G.D. Birla of Birla Jute worked quickly to capture this niche which showed his skill in acquiring a leading position in the industries.


Sir Adamjee passed away just a few months after the independence. On his death, Quaid-e-Azam stated:

 “He was a loyal Muslim and rendered great service in our struggle for Pakistan. His loss will be felt all the more now, when having achieved our goal we need his services for building Pakistan. His death will leave a Gap in the Muslim Business Community that will be difficult to fill. His death is a National Loss to Pakistan.”

This quote is a piece of strong evidence of the attitude he had towards the development of Pakistan and the sacrificial attitude and ability of Sir Adamjee that allowed him to lay the foundation of businesses in different industries of the country.


In the early days of Pakistan’s formation, the country did not receive the money promised and owed to Pakistan because of the division of the liquid assets of the sub-continent. From the Rs. 750 million promised, the country only received Rs. 200 million which had the country in a financial crisis. At this time, Sir Adamjee wrote a blank cheque secured against all his assets including his wealth and the business conglomerate. His motivation to serve the country was what enabled Pakistan to go through a time of crisis successfully.


Even before the formation of Pakistan, Sir Adamjee was contributing to many humanitarian causes. He helped finance several educational institutions in the sub-continent. In recognition of his services to the countrymen, he was given the title of “Sir” by the British Government in June 1938.

Alongside his contribution to easing the financial stress on the new country, Sir Adamjee also laid the foundation of Orient Airways which was the forerunner of PIA. The purpose was to assist migration and provide banking facilities in the new country. His vision to equip the country with the basic industrial necessities shows his aptitude regarding the economic running of the country.

Impact on her local community?

Without the contribution of Sir Adamjee, Pakistan would not have had any support to begin. The newborn country was facing a lot of issues primarily because of a separation of resources and the migration of a large number of people who left behind their assets, and their homes in their hometowns. But also, the country was facing issues because the British did not fulfill their promises to divide the liquid assets of the subcontinent. Entrepreneur Profile Research

Because Sir Adamjee laid the foundation of the banking and airline sector in the new country, he created a lot of jobs for these migrants from India and allowed setting up the industrial infrastructure of the new country that allowed it to function properly.

Ethical and Incorporate Social Responsibility

I think this entrepreneur has been quite ethical given his generous financial contribution to the country when Pakistan had no other way to receive funds. The foundation of corporate social responsibility that he laid upon the foundation of Pakistan is something that the business is still known for more than seven decades later. Entrepreneur Profile Research

As a result, the Adamjee group has been a strong advocate for advancing Pakistan’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has also pledged to assist the state in other such initiatives as well. In 2021, Adamjee Life, a subsidiary of the Adamjee group joined hands with the Sindh Government to improve the infrastructure of the healthcare industry in the country. This and other such efforts show that the basis of CSR laid by Sir Adamjee has continued to this day.

An agent of change

Sir Adamjee assisted in the formation of Pakistan which is the strongest evidence of his role as an agent of change. The way he laid the foundation of the banking and airline industries in the country within a few months before his demise is also strong evidence of how he strengthened the country’s roots and allowed it to form the basic industries that could help in the smooth running of the country.

While he did not live long after the independence of Pakistan, his activities and contribution to the country were enough to start the process of change which continued after his death as well.

Iqbal Qarshi – Qarshi Laboratories

Qarshi Laboratories, the foundation of which was laid by Iqbal Qarshi is one of the largest producers of herbal medicines in Pakistan today. It owns nationally as well as internationally famed FMCG brands like ‘Johar Joshanda’ and ‘Jam e Shirin’. Iqbal Qarshi emphasizes heavily on indigenous research, giving that modern touch to herbal medicines which hakims have long been known for.


Mr. Iqbal Qarshi was the son of one of the most famous hakims of his time in the subcontinent. In 1968, Qarshi Dawakhana was a small company producing herbal medicines. Mr. Iqbal laid the foundation of the Qarshi Foundation which contributed to the healthcare industry in Pakistan. Its activities included establishing the Mother & Child Health-Care Centre at Muridkey which is a rural area in Lahore, free dispensaries for the poor in various cities across the country, and free dispensaries in various jails in the country.


Mr. Iqbal Qarshi could run the concept of herbal medications on modern management principles. The company has attained a plethora of certifications over the years which guarantee its quality. This is what has enabled Qarshi Laboratories to expand its presence all over the world and also add to the soft image of Pakistan.


With his contribution to the healthcare industry in Pakistan, Mr. Iqbal Qarshi also contributed to the war against COVID-19. He helped in running awareness camps within prisons and rural areas of the country. This helped in spreading awareness about adopting SOPs for limiting the spread of the virus as well as enabling the smooth administering of the vaccine in different rural and urban areas of the country. This shows Mr. Iqbal Qarshi’s attitude towards the overall healthcare landscape in Pakistan where even prisoners are offered free medications and are made part of awareness campaigns.


Qarshi Laboratories prides itself on being a company that competes with the leading global FMCGs in the world based on the quality that it offers. Mr. Iqbal Qarshi has been motivated by the aim of contributing to the healthcare industry in Pakistan and raising Pakistan’s name in the list of global brands that are used internationally because of their dedication to providing quality products. Entrepreneur Profile Research

Qarshi has a global footprint spanning different continents including Asia, Africa, North America, Commonwealth States, and Europe.


Mr. Iqbal Qarshi did a Master’s in Chemical Engineering. Due to his father’s profession as a hakim, he gave a modern touch to herbal medicines because of his aptitude as a chemical engineer.

Due to his contribution to the environment, Mr. Iqbal Qarshi was awarded the role of honorary lifetime president of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Pakistan.

The proof of Mr. Iqbal’s aptitude is also evident through the fact that the Government charter and recognition from HEC for the Qarshi University were acquired years before even a single student was registered in the university. This shows the acumen and skill that Mr. Iqbal possessed that the institutions of Pakistan believed in even before any activities were conducted at the university.

Impact on her local community?

Mr. Iqbal Qarshi has also laid the foundation of the Qarshi University under the Qarshi Foundation. This shows his contribution towards education alongside healthcare in his local community.

Furthermore, the foundation of dispensaries in jails across the country also shows his impact on the prisoners and the consideration for their healthcare. This shows that he believes in the provision of equal opportunities and healthcare facilities for everyone.

Ethical and Incorporate Social Responsibility

Mr. Iqbal Qarshi according to me was highly ethical and incorporated CSR into their business. I am deeply impressed by the Qarshi Foundation opening dispensaries in jails across the country which shows the values embedded in the business to provide healthcare access and services to everyone in the community regardless of their age, status, religion, and character.

An agent of change

Laying the foundation of one of the most widely recognized herbal medicine companies in the world shows Mr. Iqbal Qarshi’s role as an agent of change. Furthermore, their contribution to adding modern management principles in the traditional herbal medication that was practiced in the subcontinent amongst Muslims shows how he extended the traditional practice not only in Pakistan but also in other countries across the globe.


Entrepreneur Profile Research This report assessed the contribution made by two very distinct personalities, Mr. Iqbal Qarshi, Vs Sir Adamjee Dawood. The evidence of their skill, aptitude, and contribution showed how they served as influential figures. In the case of Sir Adamjee, he serves as an influential figure even now when it has been more than seven decades since his death.

Stay with us for much more.

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