NUMS Aggregate Calculator [Calculate NUMS Merit Aggregate 2023]

nums aggregate calculator

Hello Students, Do you looking for NUMS Aggregate Calculator, Then obviously you’re in the right placeHere you get NUMS Merit Calculator to calculate your NUMS Merit Aggregate according to the NUMS Merit List 2023.

NUMS stands for National University of Medical Sciences. NUMS entry test aggregate formula 2023 is provided on this page. According to Pakistan Medical Commission, the students must have to pass MDCAT with a minimum of 55% for Medical and 45% for BDS. The students who fail in MDCAT conducted by PMC cannot take admission in NUMS.  NUMS conducts an entry test for admission in MBBS and BDS every year.

nums aggregate calculator

The NUMS merit calculator is a tool designed to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in Engineering and medical courses. Students enter their course information, including completed units, grades, and exam scores, then click calculate to receive a personalized report card.

You can calculate your NUMS merit and aggregate for admission to the Ph.D., Engineering, and Masters programs of NUMS University. This calculator is also applicable to all NUMS University Campuses.

NUMS Aggregate Calculator

The NUMS entry test is mandatory for getting admission in MBBS or BDS in NUMS-affiliated colleges. The students can easily calculate their aggregate by the NUMS entry test aggregate formula.

How does NUMS Merit Calculator work?

It is a very simple and easy-to-use NUMS Aggregate Calculator, Simply just enter your FSC marks from 510, and 520, then finally enter your Test marks from 200 then your NUMS Aggregate is calculated.

NUMS Aggregate Calculator Formula:

  • Entry Test MARKS/200 * 50
  • FSc/1100 or FSC-1 * 50
  • Sum all of them.
  • Your NUMS Aggregate will be counted successfully.
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Merit Criteria

The following are the merit criteria of NUMS for admission:

NUMS Entry Test 50%
NTS 50%
FSc  50%

Division of Subjects in NUMS Test

A complete list along with subject marking mentioned below:

  • Biology-80
  • Chemistry-60
  • Physics-40
  • English-20

The subject-wise marking of the test mentioned above Time for attempting the test is 3 hours.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

The students who want admission to Army Medical or Dental colleges must pass this test. Many students dream of being doctors and they work hard for this. The students have to get maximum marks in F.Sc. NUMS entry test and MDCAT conducted by PMC. For calculating the NUMS aggregate criteria, Pakistan Medical Commission made a formula. The following criteria shall be considered in determining eligibility for admission to the program:

National MDCAT    50%
NUMS Entry Test      25%
FSc  25%

How to Check NUMS Aggregate Manually

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